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Welcome to Lawrance Ordnance, Australia's premier dealer of ex-military firearms, uniforms, knives, swords, bayonets, badges and equipment.

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Coats, Smocks and Parkas

Akubra First World War Slouch Hats

The following hats are contructed at this store using only Akubra slouch hats. All badges and other accessories are of the highest quality and have been reproduced as closely as possible to original examples ensuring these hats are a faithful reproduction of those used by Australian troops in the past.

Reproduction Civil War Swords

These fine reproduction swords are faithful copies of those used by the United States and Confederate Army and Navy during the Civil War. Made with excellent attention to detail, the hand forged blades are a tempered high carbon steel. The handles are wire wrapped leather, and the scabbards are made of leather, steel and brass. Despite their affordable price, these swords are an excellent, high quality reproduction.

Deepeeka Helms

American Optical Sunglasses

In 1958 American Optical designed and manufactured the Flight Goggle 58 for the US military to provide pilots with maximum protection, optical performance and comfort. Now known as Original Pilot's Sunglasses these sunglasses have been in continuous production since then. AO Original Pilot's Sunglasses were the first sunglasses to land on the moon in 1969 and have been used by millions of US soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen.