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Akubra Australian Military Slouch Hats

Perhaps the most widley recognised piece of Australian military uniform, the slouch hat was first worn by Australian colonial military forces in the late 19th Century. The first Australian unit to adopt the slouch hat was the Victorian Mounted Rifles in 1885. They were quickly followed by other Australian colonies as khaki uniforms became increasingly popular. Adopted as the standard headdress for Australian forces on federation in 1903, the slouch hat continues to be an enduring part of Australian military uniform today.

The following hats are contructed at this store using only Akubra slouch hats. Akubra has a long history with the slouch hat having supplied Australia's military forces since the early 20th Century. Akubra continues to supply hats to the Australian military to this day and is the only supplier making these hats wholly within Australia.

All badges and other accessories are reproduced by Lawrance Ordnance and are of the highest quality. These accessories have been reproduced as closely as possible to original examples ensuring these hats are a faithful reproduction of those used by Australian troops in the past.

Pre-Federation and Boer War Slouch Hats

First World War Slouch Hats

Second World War Slouch Hats

Current Australian Army Slouch Hats

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