Australian (Pattern 1915) Water Bottle Carrier

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This is an original water bottle in the blue enamel and carrier made by Australia during WWI. They are of the earlier pattern with the brass post closures. The markings on these carriers are faint, and hard to photograph.

The bottles are in excellent condition, and the carriers are in very good condition.

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Due to drastic shortages of webbing equipment during the First World War, Australia produced a version of the 1908 web equipment in leather. This equipment, which is colloquially known as Pattern 1915 or Pattern 08/15, was both more expensive and less durable than the Mills webbing. Although intended to be used by the AIF for training purposes only, period photographs show it being used by troops in France and Belgium.

Original pieces of this First World War equipment are becoming increasingly difficult to find. These water bottle carriers are in very good condition and are outstanding examples of a rare First World War equipment. The bottles are of more recent manufacture around 1950 but this is hard to tell because you need to remove the original green felt cover to revel the date.


Manufacturer Commonwealth Government Harness Factory
Material Leather
Authenticity Original
Made In Australia