German Mauser Model 1871/84 11.14mm Rifle (9476)

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Built by Spandau in 1888, this German Model 1871/84 is one of the best I have seen. This rifle is 100% original. This rifle retains 97%+ of its blueing. The original polished bolt and receiver are bright. The blued buttplate has very minor areas of tarnish. The walnut stock shows all the original markings with only minor dings and scratches. The markings on both metal and wood are crisp and clear and the rifle has not been refurbished. All serial numbers are matching. The rifle does not appear to have been fired, so the barrel is in excellent condition. There is one burred screw. This is an excellent example of the Mauser Model 1871/84, a 134 year old rifle.


Paul Mauser had been developing a bolt action repeating rifle from around 1880. One attempt was to fit a box magazine to the Model 71 rifle. He later developed an 11mm bolt action rifle with a tubular magazine in the fore-end. Adopted by the German Army in January 1884 this rifle was known as the 71/84. Rearming the army with the new rifle was completed in 1886. Authorities were criticized for retaining the 11mm calibre when it was evident that smaller calibres were more desireable and the 71/84 was shortly replaced in 1888.

In the book 'Die Hand-waffen des brandenburgisch-preussisch-deutschen Heeres 1640-1945', as quoted by Ludwig Olsen, it is claimed that the reason for the rapid adoption of this rifle was the result of a 'war-fever' in France to reverse the outcome of the Franco-Prussian War. Information that the German Army would be equipped with a magazine rifle soon cooled this fever and war was averted.


Manufacturer Spandau
Overall Length 1293mm 50.9"
Barrel Length 802mm 31.56"
Weight 4.7 Kg 10 lbs 6 oz
Cartridge 11.15x60mmR
Magazine Capacity 8 Rounds