No.5 Mk.I Jungle Carbine .303 (8395)

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This Jungle carbine is typical of the many No.5 rifles that went to India after WWII. The rifle has the reinforce screw through the fore end, in front of the magazine and generally this rifle shows ware. The markings on the left hand side of the receiver have been cleaned off during one of the rebuilds. The barrel shows ware, but no rust pitting. The serial numbers on the bolt, receiver, fore end and magazine match, although the number on the magazine has been change.

The wood work has no cracks, and is very serviceable

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The No. 5 Mk I, Jungle Carbine, was developed in late WWII for jungle warfare. The need for a shorter, lighter rifle for this style of fighting became apparent in the pacific theatre. The No.5 rifle was 4 inches shorter than the No.4 rifle, which was in standard service, and just over 2 lbs lighter.

Production began in March 1944, and concluded in December 1947.