Argentine M1891 7.65mm Rifle (L6926)

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Made by Ludwig Loewe in Berlin, this Argentine M1891 is in excellent condition. The majority of the original blueing remains on the rifle. The woodwork has minor marks. The barrel is likewise in excellent condition. All markings are clear, apart from the Argentine crest which would have originally been on the receiver. As is common with these rifles, this has been ground off, although the crest on the butt remains. All serial numbers are matching including the cleaning rod.


The Model 1891 was the first Mauser design that was chambered for smokeless ammunition. It was also the first production Mauser rifle to employ a box magazine. Adopted by Belgium in 1889 the first rifles were made by Fabrique Nationale d'Armes de Guerre (FN). The design was highly successful and the rifle was subsequently adopted by Argentina, who had completed their transition to Remington Rolling Blocks only 11 years earlier.


Manufacturer Ludwig Lowe, Berlin
Overall Length 1234mm 48.58"
Barrel Length 739mm 29.09"
Weight 3.89 Kg 8 lbs 9 oz
Cartridge 7.65mm
Magazine Capacity 5 Rounds