Arisaka Type 38 Carbine Nagoya Arsenal (13239)

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This carbine is an early war manufactured carbine made at the Chigusa Factory of Nagoya Arsenal. The carbine is complete and original.

It shows all the signs of early manufacture with the egg shaped bolt handle, knurled safety catch and all milled steel parts.

The 2 piece stock shows no separation as many do. There is also 2 Japanese symbols on the right hand side of the stock. The stock is original with original finish and shows some dings and dents but there are no cracks. The stock has not been sanded

The rifle retains over 70% of the original blueing with some light pitting on the butt plate

The serial numbers on the bolt, receiver, floor plate and bayonet boss are matching. The bolt cover is not matched and shows some light pitting.

The barrel is in excellent condition and the royal chrysanthemum is intact. The cleaning rod is present.

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The type 38 was introduced in 1905, this rifle utilized a modified Mauser action, differing only the arrangement of the firing pin safety. A sliding bolt cover was also used, however, this was usually removed from rifles due to the amount of noise they made during operation.

The Carbine differs from the issue rifle through barrel length, the left side swivel mount, protected front sight and modified rear sight.

The Japanese symbols on the front of the receiver translate to "38 Type" The royal Chrysanthemum that surmounts these symbols marks the ownership of the Imperial Japanese Army.