Aust. P' 03 15 Rnd belt pouch Mk.II (Holden & Frost)

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These pouches are original WWI, Light Horse issue, 15rnd belt pouch and have not been issued. Two of these pouches were carried on the belt along with 2 10rnd pouches.

These pouches were made by the Holden & Frost and dated 1916. There is some staining of the leather due to age and storage for 100 years

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In 1903 because of the adoption of a clip loading Lee Enfield (SMLE) rifle. The way that equipment was carried had to change. The main change was the way ammunition was carried, now it was loaded in 5 round chargers. The equipment designed was based on a leather ammunition bandoleer with a belt with four ammunition pouches. These pouches were to be 2 x 15 rnd and 2 x 10 rnd pouches.

The Mk.I, 15 rnd pouches were very similar t the 10 rnd pouch, but were later superseded by the Mk.II, and that is what for sale here.