Australian BSA Martini-Cadet .310 Rifle (83362)

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This B.S.A. cadet rifle was issued in Queensland, and the issue date is May 1912. The Queensland rack number on the stock and action are matching.

This rifle is in original condition and has not been cleaned or sanded. The barrel is in excellent condition, so a great shooter. There is some rust pitting on the external surface of the barrel near the front site.


The Martini-Cadet rifle was adopted by Australia after the introduction of Universal Training in 1910. Made in the UK by both Greener and BSA, the Martini-Cadet rifles utilized the Francotte action, first patented 1887 and chambered in .297/230. The BSA Cadet rifles were produced in two patterns, the 2nd pattern uitilizing a more elaborate rear sight with protecting ears for the range and windage adjusting screws. All Martini-Cadet rifles are marked 'COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA' on the side of the receiver and with a kangaroo marking on the top of the knox form. They will also generally be marked with state markings. The cadet rifles began being withdrawn from service in 1921, when cadet forces began being issued with the SMLE Mk.III rifle. Despite this they were issued as a reserve grade arm during the Second World War.


Manufacturer BSA
Overall Length 1067mm 42"
Barrel Length
Weight 2.86 Kg 6 lbs 5 oz
Cartridge .310 Cadet
Magazine Capacity None