Lithgow No.1 Mk.III Rifle .303 (B98204)

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This rifle was originally made in 1941, then went through FTR (Factory Thorough Repair) in 1950.

The barrel is dated December 1950 and is in excellent condition. Sharp rifling with very little ware. The bolt face would suggest it has fired very few rounds. The parkerised finish on the metal work is very good with only a few ware points. The wood work Is also very good with only a few marks and dents. The fore end has been change at one point, I would say after rebuild and has the incorrect serial number on it. The other serial numbers, bolt, receiver, barrel, rear sight and nose cap all match. An excellent shooter


Introduced on 26 January 1907, the SMLE Mk.III rifle would remain, with minor variations, in Australian service for some fifty years. Production of the rifle began in Australia in 1912 with the opening of a small arms factory at Lithgow, NSW. The last Mk.III* rifle made at Lithgow, was made in 1953, although rifles continued to be repaired there for some years after.