British Naval Pattern, 1839 Pistol

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This Pattern 39 pistol has been cleaned and repaired. The lock is marked "Tower" and has Queen Victoria's cypher just in front of the hammer. Although repaired all the parts are original with the swivel ram rod, lanyard ring and belt hook.

This pistol has an interesting feature. The left hand side of the stock, opposite the lock, has been grooved. This allows sailors who wore makeshift belts made from rope to carry the pistol securely when using the belt hook.

This pistol has been well used, but for its nearly 200 year history, it can show ware. The Board of Ordnance mark is just visible on the stock behind the hammer. The stock has some minor cracks and the trigger guard tang has been cracked. Both have been repaired.


The British Pattern 39 pistols and rifles were some of the earliest approved percussion arms issued to the British military. Many of these arms used converted flintlock parts.

The naval issued pistols were easily identified by the belt hook on the left hand side of the stock.