British STEN Mk.I Bayonet

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This original Second World War STEN bayonet is in very good condition. Original STEN bayonets are incredibly rare and highly collectable.

The body of this bayonet is makers marked, as well as the fixing spring. The body is coded S41, and the blade is stamped with the number 1

The bayonet comes with the war time expedient tubular scabbard.

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The STEN Mk.I bayonet was fabricated out of sheet steel and utilized a rod-style blade copied from the No.4 Mk.II* bayonet. Although of larger diameter, the STEN was able to be held in the the existing No.4 scabbard.

Sheet steel parts for fabrication were produced by B. & J. Sippel Ltd. This example was assembled by the firm Grundy Ltd of Teddington and the socket bears Grundy’s dispersal code, 'S41'.

The large forward projection on the stamped spring steel catch serves as a fingerguard, so the bayonet can also be used as a hand weapon.

75,280 bayonets are believed to have been made between 1943 and 1944, 55,800 by Grundy Ltd. and 19,480 by N.J. Edmonds Ltd. Nearly all of the bayonets were believed scrapped.

This original STEN bayonet was recently found in a shipment of STEN parts that was imported into the US from Pakistan. Original STEN bayonets are incredibly rare and highly collectable.


Manufacturer Grundy Ltd
Overall Length 306mm 12.05"
Blade Length 203mm 8"
Weight 0.26 Kg 9 oz
Scabbard No Scabbard