Japanese Type 30 Bayonet (Matsushita Kinzoku)

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This type 30 Arisaka bayonet made by Matsushita Kinzoku, is typical of the Mid war production bayonets. It has been produced without the quillion, and the birds head pommel has been squared off to ease production

This bayonet is in very good condition with most of the original blue to the blade, handle and scabbard. There is ware to the finish on the blade, due to scabbard ware, and there is some light pitting. The handle is in very good condition.


Introduced in 1897 for use with the Type 30 rifle, although no official designation for these bayonets has been found, they are commonly referred to as the Type 30. The Type 30 bayonet had a 394mm polished blade, a crossguard with hooked quillion, contoured wood grips held by screws, and a contoured birdshead pommel. Production of the bayonet remained virtually unchanged until the outbreak of the Second World War, throughout which variations, of which over 100 have been catalogued, were made to the design to facilitate production. The Type 30 bayonet was used on all Japanese rifles and carbines, with the exception of the Type 44 carbine (which utilized a folding bayonet), until the end of the Second World War.


Manufacturer Matsushita Kinzoku
Overall Length 511mm 20.12"
Blade Length 399mm 15.71"
Weight 0.54 Kg 1 lb 3 oz
Scabbard Steel
Fits Arisaka Rifles & Carbines
Authenticity Original