French Model 1886/93/16 Lebel Bayonet (Remington Contract)

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This bayonet was made by Remington (USA) in 1916, for a French contract that was never delivered. It is in very good / excellent condition. The polished blade is in excellent condition with only minor staining. The alloy handle has some very minor scratches and dents. The steel guard has some staining and very light pitting. The scabbard is also in very good condition

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France adopted the Lebel repeating rifle in 1886. An epee bayonet, designed by Colonel Capdeveille, was adopted for the rifle at the same time. The bayonet is an unusual design, for its epee spike (knife bayonets being predominate this time), and also for its unusual rotating collar locking device. In 1893 the press stud for the rotating collar was changed, the quillion was removed in 1916, and in 1935 the blade was shortened.