Italian BM59 Bayonet

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These original Italian BM59 bayonets are in very good condition, although there are some minor marks to the parkerised finish.


The BM59 bayonet was used on the 7.62mm NATO BM59 rifle and 5.56mm NATO AR70 rifle.

Closely patterned on the US M4 bayonet, the BM59 bayonet has brown plastic grips, a guard with a unique "hourglass" profile and a large muzzle ring to accommodate the BM59's "tri-compensator" muzzle device. The scabbard is a U.S. M8 clone, with the body made of fiberglass with an olive green gel coat. The belt hanger is made of khaki cotton webbing.

Unfortunately, information regarding the BM59 bayonets is scarce. The bayonets were used for many years before finally being retired in 1990. The AR70 was introduced in 1979 and continues to be used by the Italian Army to this day.


Manufacturer Unknown
Overall Length 290mm 11.42"
Blade Length 162mm 6.38"
Weight 0.39 Kg 14 oz
Scabbard M8A1 Style (Fibreglass)
Fits BM59/AR70