British No.32 Mk.I Scope (6715)

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This is an original, early, Kershaw and sons made No.32 Mk.I Telescope, complete.

Optically this scope is 9.5 /10. The optics are clear, and the cross hair is intact. The lenses show no cracks, but would benifit from a good clean. There is some light pitting on the scope tube near the eye piece.

Being an original Mk.I scope, it comes complete with the eye piece sunshade. The mounting bracket is an original WWII made, although I cannot find a letter code, which is not uncommon. The rings are numbered and matching.

The case is an original No.8 mk.I, 1941 made case, and the adjusting tool is also original, but one of the spines has been broken.

An excellent example of a complete early British WWII Sniper scope.

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There was a desperate shortage of sniper's rifles at the outbreak of the Second World War. Development of a No.4 sniper's rifle was undertaken in 1940 with trials rifles, before production of the No.4 rifle had begun. The rifle was fitted with the No.32 scope, originally designed for use with the Bren LMG, a removeable mount being used due to the weight of the scope. Officially adopted in 1942, the No.4 sniper's rifle had already been in use for some time.