No. 32 Sniper scope objective Lens Unit (02)

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These are original Objective lens and casing for a No. 32 sniper scope.

They have come from scopes that were damaged, beyond repair, but many parts were still in Very Good Condition.

The lens are intact, and the last photo is taken so the lens is in full view. They are in very good condition.

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There was a desperate shortage of sniper's rifles at the outbreak of the Second World War. Development of a No.4 sniper's rifle was undertaken in 1940 with trials rifles, before production of the No.4 rifle had begun. The rifle was fitted with the No.32 scope, originally designed for use with the Bren LMG, a removeable mount being used due to the weight of the scope. Officially adopted in 1942, the No.4 sniper's rifle had already been in use for some time.