Stevens No.4 Mk.I* (42C5859)

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This Stevens No4 Mk.I* rifle is in excellent condition. The rifle retains 90% + of the original parkerised finish, and the stock is in excellent condition. The barrel is of 2 groove construction and is in excellent condition. The bolt is miss-matched, but it looks be have happened many years ago.

Not like many of these rifles that turn up in Australia, this rifle has no New Zealand ownership marks.


During WWII,Stevens, later to be known as Savage, was contracted to build No.4 rifles for the British. This was under the lend lease program, which suggested that these would be returned to the US after the war. Hence the "U.S. PROPERTY" marking on the receiver. The first of these rifles were produced as No.4 Mk.I rifles, but were quickly updated to the No.4 Mk.I* for ease of production. These were only produced in the North American factories. During production, The Stevens company made in excess of 500,000 rifles and bayonets during WWII.


Manufacturer Stevens
Overall Length 1129mm 44.45"
Barrel Length 640mm 25.2"
Weight 4.11 Kg 9 lbs 1 oz
Calibre .303
Magazine 10 Rounds