Pattern 1918 (Aust)/1 scope (419)

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This is an original Australian sniper scope. Built by the Australian Optical Company (AOC) in 1945 and fitted to one of the 481 low mount rifles that were made.

Optically this scope is 10/10. There has been some rust on the tube, which has been cleaned. Unfortunately, this cleaning has obscured the penciled serial number of the rifle put on the scope when fitted to the rifle. The scope retains much of the original finish, and has not been refinished. The front ring has been numbered, which would match the number on the base fitted to the rifle

The lens covers and transit case are also originals. The lens covers are in very good condition but some of the stitching has broken. The scope case is in very good condition, with the original rifle number written on it in wax chalk.

Rifle number 419 was built as one of the 481 low mount rifles and went to store on 27th August 1945.

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During WWII, Australian snipers used the No.3 Mk!*(T) or the P'14 sniper rifle. In 1944, orders were placed with SAF Lithgow to produce a sniper using a similar scope and mount, but based on the No.1 Mk.III rifle, These were to become identified as the No.1 Mk.III HT rifle. The "H" being for the heavier barrel that was used on many range rifles and "T" for the telescopic sight

The initial order was for 2500 units, and production started in November 1944. By the time production finished in February 1946, only 1612 had been manufactured.

These rifles were produced with two heights in mounts. The Medium bracket, which became known as the high mount and the short bracket, which became know as the low mount. At the end of the production 1131 high mounts and 481 low mount had been produced.