Akubra Australian Commonwealth Horse Hat

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A reproduction of the slouch hat worn by the Australian Commonwealth Horse during the Boer War, this 100% fur felt Akubra slouch hat is fitted with a reproduction first pattern Australian Commonwealth Horse badge, an adjustable leather chin strap, and reproduction khaki puggaree.

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The slouch hat was first worn in Australia when chosen as the head dress of the newly formed Victorian Mounted Rifles by commanding officer Colonel Tom Price in 1885. It was quicly adopted by other colonial units in Australia and in 1890 all colonial forces, excepting Garrison Artillery, adopted the hat.

Formed shortly after Federation in 1901 the Australian Commonwealth Horse comprised a number of battalions drawn from every Australian state except Tasmania. Battalions from this unit served with various Australian contingents during the Boer War.

A badge for the Australian Commonwealth Horse was hastily designed and manufactured before the first contingent's departure. This badge was subsequently redesigned by Gaunt of London in 1904 and adopted as the Commonwealth Pattern badge of the Australian Military Forces. With minor changes in design, this badge continues in use to this day.

These hats are an exacting reproduction of the slouch hat worn by the Australian Commonwealth Horse during the Boer War. The 100% fur felt hat is made by Akubra, a company that has supplied, and continues to supply, hats to the Australian Army since the early 20th century. To these hats are attached a reproduction of the first pattern of the Australian Commonwealth Horse badge, khaki puggaree, and adjustable leather chin strap.


100% fur felt slouch hat made in Australia by Akubra Hats.
Reproduction first pattern Australian Commonwealth Horse badge.
Khaki puggaree.
Adjustable leather chin strap.