British Fairbairn-Sykes 3rd Pattern Knife (SF2002)

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This knife is Original WWII Fairbairn Sykes 3rd Pattern Knife in very good condition although unfortunately, the tip of the blade has broken, something which appears to be fairly common with the early 3rd Pattern knives.

Found in an Indian Ordnance store, These may have been returned for re-ground due to damage. The Handle has the number 4 forged into it. Note the oval guard without narrowing

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The Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife was designed by Captains W.E. Fairbairn and E.A. Sykes at the Commando Special Training Centre, located in the Scottish Highlands at Achnacarry. Both former members of the Shanghai Police Force, Fairbairn and Sykes had returned to England at the beginning of the Second World War, where they were commissioned as Captains to instruct British Commandos in knife fighting, unarmed combat, and self defence. The knife was adopted by the British Army and soon proved extremely popular with British special forces.

The 3rd Pattern FS knife was introduced in around September of 1942. In an effort both increase production and make the knife cheaper to produce a new cast grip was introduced. Thought to be the design of the Joseph ROdgers firm, this grip had 27 concentric rings and was cast in a non-strategic alloy. The blades were machine forged, although a small number were made with hand-ground blades in 1942.