Canadian P' 37 Utility Pouches (Pair)

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These pouches are made by Canadian manufacturer Zephyr loom and textile. Held in store for many years they are in unissued condition. They are sold is sets (consisting of two pouches one with strap attached, and one yoke).

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Introduced by LOC B1624, these pouches were designed to be worn over either the WE08 or WE37. As such they are attributable to neither equipment. The utility pouches consisted of two pouches, one front and one rear, connected by a yoke that passed over the shoulder and a 1 inch strap that passed around the body. The pouches were slightly larger than the standard basic pouch and designed to carry three Bren magazines, or three Mills 36 bombs with base plates for rifle launching. The 3 loops in the lid of the pouch were for the ballistite blanks for grenade launching.