German Medical WWII Pouch

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This pouch was made in 1935 and is in excellent condition. Made pre-WWII, this pouch was made for medical supplies for field medics and hospital orderlies. This pouch was issued to the NSKK, the motorised section of the SA. The markings on the back of the pouch are clear with the NSKK markings.

The internal dividers have been removed,/p>

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Used during both the First and Second World Wars, these pouches were issued to both hospital orderlies and field medical orderlies, each with slightly different contents. Contents included adhesive tape, a rectangular 'Seife' soap tin containing a fragment of soap, a round tin of antiseptic ointment, a tube of tartaric acid tablets, a tube of charcoal tablets, bottles for tincture of opium, ammonium hydroxide, oil of turpentine and ether and valerian tincture, as well as needles, and sterilized dressings.