Arisaka Type 99 Nagoya Arsenal (12991)

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Made by Nagoya Arsenal, which manufactured rifles from 1923 to 1945. This Type 99 rifle looks to be made mid to late war with some war time expediences.

The mono pod, and anti arcraft sights have been deleted. The bolt handle is cylindrical, the metal work shows a rough finish along with the wood work.

The rifle retains 80% of the original blue, and the woodwork is totally original with only minor dings and dents. Unfortunately, the chrysanthemum has been removed, which happened to most rifles after WWII.

The serial numbers throughout this rifle match. (Action, bolt, extractor, bayonet boss, firing pin) This rifle was produced without a cleaning rod.

The barrel is in very good condition, and the rifle shows very little use.

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After experiences in China, the Japanese saw the need for a more powerful cartridge than the 6.5mm. A rimless version of the 7.7mm cartridge in use with the Type 92 machine gun was developed and several rifles produced in this calibre for testing.

Adopted in 1939, the Type 99 rifle has the sliding bolt cover of the Type 38 and in addition a folding wire monopod. The rear sight has folding anti-aircraft lead arms. In 1943, the Type 99 rifles began to be produced without the monopod and anti-aircraft lead arms. As the war progressed, further economies in manufacture were introduced.