Spanish Mauser M43 8mm Rifle (C9870)

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This Spanish Model 44 rifle is dated 1946. Both externally and internally it is in very good condition. The serial numbers on bolt, action, trigger guard, floor plate and rear sight are matching

The barrel is in very good condition. The stock is also very good condition with the Spanish military ownership mark on the right hand side of the stock


Produced in La Coruña from 1944 to 1958, the Spanish M43 was a variant of the 98k with a straight bolt handle, a front sight guard, a handle groove in the front stock, and a bayonet fitting allowing the use of M93 bayonets. The M43 was the standard rifle of Spanish units during the Ifni War. When Spain adopted the CETME automatic rifle, many M43 rifles were converted to FR8 rifles for military training purposes, and Guardia Civil service.