Austrian Steyr Model 1895/30 8x56mmR carbine (8420Z)

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This is an original 1895 Austrian carbine which was upgraded to the new ammunition, 8 x 56R, between the First and Second World Wars so the designation would be 95/30.

The carbine has been rebuilt, probably just after WWII, and is in good condition. The barrel is pitted.

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Developed by Austrian arms designer Ferdinand Ritter Von Mannlicher, the M95 rifle utilised a straight-pull bolt action based upon Mannlicher's revolutionary Model 1890 design. This rifle was manufactured in the Austro-Hungarian Empire at state arms factories in Steyr (Austria) and Budapest (Hungary). Originally produced in 8x50mmR, in 1924 some M95 rifles were converted to 7.92x57mm. These converted rifles had a shorter (58cm) barrel, and were designated M95/24. They were used in Yugoslavia and Bulgaria. In 1930 Austria converted most of their M95 rifles to 8x56mmR M30 ammunition. These rifles were designated M95/30, and marked with the letter "S" on the barrel. Hungary started to convert their rifles to the same 8x56mmR ammunition in 1931, and these rifles were marked with the letter "H" on the barrel. Many of the M95 rifles were used during the Second World War by the Hungarian, Bulgarian and Italian armies, as well as by some German police forces.