Swiss Vetterli M1869/71 10.4mm Rifle (4010)

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This Vetterli was made by Valentin Sauerbrey, Basel, who made a total of 7000 M1869 rifles between 1869 and 1873.

Originally built as a M1869, this rifle was upgraded to the M1871. Maybe during original manufacture. On the left hand side of the receiver you can see where the Magazine cut-off had been removed and on the right hand side of the receiver you can see the guide groove for the Loading gate cover. The top of the action still has the gas escape ports over the chamber

The serial number would suggest manufacture during the first year of production, 1871.

This rifle is in excellent condition. Retaining over 85% of the original blue, the barrel is in excellent condition and the stock has very few marks for is age.(151 years old) The sling looks to be original

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The Pattern 1869 was the first of the Vetterli family to go into full production. The Vetterli was chambered to fire the 10.4x38 Rimfire round. The rimfire round, used, shot further and flatter than most of it's contemporaries. The Vetterli has a 2 headed firing pin which improves the chances of rimfire ammunition ignition.

In 1871 the Model 1869 was updated with an improved elevator system and simplified receiver. The loading gate cover was omitted as was the magazine cut-off, which had previously appeared on the left side of the receiver.


Manufacturer Valentin Sauerbrey
Overall Length 1260mm 49.6"
Barrel Length 783mm 30.83"
Weight 4.6 Kg 10 lbs 2 oz
Cartridge 10.4mm
Magazine Capacity 11 Rounds