TK-1 High Altitude Helmet

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This helmet is new in its box. It comes complete with 2 fabric helmets with communication devices, oxygen tubes, instruction manuals and the original carrying case. With protective bags and covers.

It appears that this helmet was made in 1992

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The TK-1 high altitude helmet was designed in China after 1964 when China began technology exchange with the USSR with the ongoing Cold War. With this transfer of information, the Chinese developed their own MiG 21, the Chengdu J-7. This aircraft went through many changes and improvements.

Production of the Chengdu J-7 commenced in 1965, finally being discontinued in 2013, but still deemed operational, used by Peoples Liberation Army Air Force, Pakistan Air Force, Bangladesh Air Force and the Korean peoples Air Force.

The TK-1 is similar in design to the US high altitude helmet used in the U2 Spy Planes, the MA-2