Winchester Pattern 1913 Bayonet

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This bayonet was made in January 1917 for the British P14 rifle. Made by Winchester, the bayonet is in Very good condition. The bayonet has been refurbished, Probably for re issue during WWII. During refurbishment, the bayonet has been fitted with P'07 bayonet grips instead of the grooved P'13 grips.

The scabbard is typical of the British WWI/II leather scabbards. It is in good condition


Introduced into service on the 21st June 1916, the Pattern 1913 bayonet was manufactured under contract in the USA by Remington and Winchester. By the end of the First World War, Remington had manufactured 1,243,000 Pattern 1913 bayonets. Only 225,000 Pattern 1913 bayonets were made by Winchester.