British No.4 Mk.III Bayonet

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Made by Joseph Lucas Ltd, this original Second World War No.4 Mk.III bayonet is in very good condition.


The No.4 Mk.III was the final, and crudest, form of the No.4 bayonet. The socket is fabricated by welding together seven sheet steel stampings, eliminating the socket forging process altogether. Even the spring plunger is a stamping. 196,200 were produced, by Joseph Lucas Ltd, Birmingham. It was declared obsolete in 1946.

This No.4 Mk.III bayonet is in very good condition. It is missing much of its blued finish on the socket. There is some pitting on the blade. The scabbard retains much of its blued finish.


Manufacturer Joseph Lucas Ltd
Overall Length 254mm 10"
Blade Length 203mm 8"
Weight (Including Scabbard) 0.33 Kg 12 oz
Scabbard Steel
Fits All No.4 Marks