British (LSA) 1915 SMLE No.1 Mk.III .303 Rifle (M57550)

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This No.1 Mk.III rifle was originally made by London Small Arms in 1915, and sold to Australia, probably during the war due to the high destruction rate on the front line, and the small quantity of rifles available from the small arms factory at Lithgow, which started production in 1912. The Australian WWI ownwership marking, a broard arrow inside the letter D is on the left hand side of the receiver.

This rifle was officially re-barrelled by SAF Lithgow in 1940, at the beginning of WWII, and other modifications would have been made. The serial numbers on the barrel, bolt, receiver and nose cap match. The reserve markings for WWII are on the top of the receiver, D/I\D, with the number "2" for reserve grade arm.

This rifle has been rebuilt with original parts to original configuration. The rifle is complete with magazine cut-off, windage adjustable rear sight, and long range volley sights.

The barrel has strong rifling, but shows some rust pitting.


The Short Magazine Lee Enfield, No.1 Mk. III rifle was adopted by the British army in 1907, and remained in Military service until the 1960s. Although replaced by the No.4 rifle during WWII in the UK, the No.1 Mk.III rifle remained in production in both Australia and India until well after the war.

When No.1 Mk.III rifle went into production, the rifle Incorporated a magazine cut-off, long range volley sights, windage adjustable rear sight and the bayonet had a fighting quillion. During WWI, for ease of production, and the changing front line tactics, these were dropped, and as the receivers were being made, without the magazine cut-off, the rifle became know as the MkIII * rifle.