Australian Army 'L' in Wreath Badge - Oxidized

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The 'L' in Wreath badge was worn by gun-layers.

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Metal rank (excluding chevrons), trade and skill-at-arms badges replaced worsted badges in 1918. Originally of brass or gilding metal, oxidized badges were introduced for Citizen Forces and Senior Cadets in 1921. Permanent Forces continued to wear badges of brass or gilding metal. In 1931 oxidized badges appear to have been discontinued with all badges being of brass or gliding metal.

The 'L' in Wreath badge was worn by gun-layers.

Copper (oxidised) badge with backing plate. Lugs complete, but missing pins. Original.


Material Copper (Oxidised)
Width 53mm
Height 38mm
Affixed By Lugs & Split Pin
Authenticity Original