Alpha M-65 Field Coat

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During Vietnam, the M-65 field jacket was issued to soldiers. Now, civilians can wear this tough infantry classic too, whether for fashion, function or to preserve memories of military service. This vintage field coat features a concealed hood, draw-cords for the waist, hood and hems to preserve warmth and dryness. The brass zipper and snapping fasteners look fantastic while keeping out the elements, while the bi-swing back ensures unrestrained movement.

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Adopted in 1965, the M-65 Field Coat replaced the earlier M51. The M65 represented the culmination of field coat design, drawing on the technological developments of the M-43 and M-51 field coats used during the Second World War and Korean War. The M-65 incorporated the bi-swing back and oversize design originally developed for the M-41 to provide more room for soldiers to carry everything from personal items to extra ammunition. It also used the covered zipper and snap front closure of the M-51 that allowed soldiers to crawl on their stomachs without the jacket opening or snagging on obstacles. The M-65 kept the interior buttons and removable liner from the M-51 for greater warmth and versatility across different climates. New features included a roll-up hood and a Velcro cuff designed to extend out and attach to, or cover, gloves. The M-65 also introduced a brand new fabric for the outer shell: NYCO®, a nylon and cotton sateen combination that was extremely durable and water repellent. Alpha Industries made more M-65’s than any other U.S. contractor and produced over 500,000 a year at the height of production. Today, Alpha continues to produce the M-65 to the original military specification, delivering a classic, quality, and authentic field coat to their customers.


Extremely durable, wind, water, and tear resistant NYCO sateen fabric.
Roll-up hood, waist draw-cords, brass zipper and snap front closure provide all weather protection.
Bi-swing back for ease of movement.
Velcro cuffs cover gloves keeping rain, sleet, and snow out of the jacket.
Liner available separately for additional warmth.
The M-65 is an oversized jacket and Alpha recommends selecting at least one size smaller than that usually worn.