Nambu Type 14 (92132)

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This Type 14 Nambu pistol was made at the Toriimatsu branch of the Nagoya asenal in September 1943. It is one of the first series pistols from this factory. There were approximately 50,000 from the series.

This pistol is in excellent working order. All parts are matching serial numbers, including the magazine. The grips have no cracks but the pistol has been re-blued. Barrel is in very good condition.


The Nambu Type 14 was the third variation of a Japanese semi Automatic pistol which were first introduced in 1904. The type 14 was introduced in 1926 and was used through WWII. During this time some small variations were made. If not for ease of use, for ease of production towards the end of WWII.

It is believed that around 400,000 Type 14s were made. They have an 8 round magazine and were in 8mm Nambu (8 x 22)