Peruvian Model 1909 Bayonet

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This bayonet is of the second pattern with a 2 piece wooden grip, but no flash guard on the top of the handle. This bayonet was made the the Peruvian contract of 1909, and the Peruvian crest is stamped into the rear of the pommel.

The bayonet is excellent condition with the blade retaining most of the original polish. The handle, scabbard tip and chape have some staining. The scabbard, although from the same contract, is not matching, and is in very good conditon.

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On the adoption of the Mauser 1898 rifle in the German army, this was the first pattern bayonet that was approved for service. The blade is fullered with a swelling to the point. This bayonet, in the full 652mm length came in 3 models. The first was a bayonet which featured a one piece wooden handle. The second pattern had a 2 piece handle and a flash guard was fitted to the top of the handle. Both these were issue with a leather scabbard. The third pattern had the 2 piece handle a flash guard but came with a steel scabbard. (1915+) There was also a saw back version which was issued to NCOs.