East India Co. 1842 Bayonet

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Here is a British made East India Company bayonet made for the "F" model percussion musket. The blade is 17 inches long Although being very similar to the Brown Bess bayonet, the socket is 3 inches long and has a loop at the bottom of the ring at the back of the socket to allow a spring catch to lock the bayonet to the musket. This type of lock helps to identify this East India Company bayonet

The bayonet shows ware and there is some pitting on the blade and socket. There are faint markings on the blade, but they are impossible to make out. The shoulders of the blade are of the later style, and are rounded

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In the early 1800s, the East India Company maintained a large standing army, and due to the wealth of the company, their army was armed with, what were, modern firearms of the day. The orders for muskets from the company competed with orders from the British Board of Ordnance.

By the mid 1840s the company had adopted the percussion system, and had gone through numerous models. From conversions of the flint lock musket to the purchasing of newly made percussion muskets.