Brown Bess Bayonet

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The Brown Bess bayonet here is a well used 200 year old piece of military history. The tip of the blade has been re-worked, and the ring at the back of the socket has been cracked. There is some pitting on the blade, and the only visible marking is the viewers stamped of a crown (partial) over the number 4.

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This pattern bayonet was the first standardisation of British issue bayonets. Used on the Brown Bess musket from around 1740 and used up to the adoption of the percussion system in around 1840. The blade is 17 inches long and the socket is 4 inches long. There is no system of locking the bayonet onto the musket except for the zig-zag in the socket which fitted a lug on the top of the barrel at the muzzle. This lug is commonly described as a front sight, and it may have been used for such, but its primary use was the lug for the fitting of the bayonet.