British Pattern 1887 Mk.III Bayonet

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This mark III bayonet was proofed by Enfield in 1888 and shipped to India for service in the Indian army. This bayonet is marked with a serial number. Like this bayonet, many finished up in Nepal due to the treaty of 1815 and subsequent agreements, hence the Nepalese script on the cross guard.

This original bayonet is in good condition, but shows ware with staining and some light pitting. The scabbard again shows ware, and the leather on the scabbard has some damage

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The British Army learned through hard experience in the battles of the Sudan between 1884 and 1885, that the sword bayonet offered significant advantages to the spike bayonets then issued as standard. As a result, in 1887 a sword bayonet was developed for issue with the new Martini Henry MkIV rifle.

The Mark I sword bayonet had a fullered blade and flat bolt spring, the grip being attached by four rivets. A further two marks of bayonet were adopted. The Mark II differed from the MkI in having a spiral bolt spring, instead of a flat one, and the grip being attached to the tang by means of two rivets and four washers. The Mk.III differed from the MkII in having an unfullered blade and being slightly heavier.


Manufacturer Enfield
Overall Length 600mm 23.62"
Blade Length 464mm 18.27"
Weight 0.95 Kg 2 lb 2 oz
Scabbard Leather/Steel
Fits Martini-Henry Mk.IV Rifle
Authenticity Original