Lithgow 1907 Bayonet 1943

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This is an original 1943 manufactured Lithgow P'07 bayonet. The bayonet retains 90% of its original parkerised finish, original1943 dated coach wood grips, and the scabbard is dated 1942

An excellent example of an Australian WWII bayonet


Following complaints regarding the overall length of the S.M.L.E. rifle with Pattern 1903 bayonet fitted, a number of experimental bayonets were produced by R.S.A.F. Enfield with longer blades. These included bayonets with blades patterned on the French Lebel and Gras bayonets, the US Model 1905, and the Japanese Type 30 bayonets. Introduced in the 'List of Changes' in 1908, the Pattern 1907 bayonet was a close copy of the Japanese Type 30 bayonet.

Lithgow started production in 1912 making the No.1 MkIII rifle and bayonets. This production continued until the adoption of the L1A1 rifle in 1958