Martini Henry P'1876 Bayonet

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This bayonet is in excellent condition. It retains 95% of its blueing on the socket with extremely minor marks only. The blade retains 98% of the original polish. The scabbard is in excellent condition and well marked. The leather has wear in places and the stitching is intact. The blade is marked with the original date of manufacture, July 1883 but the bayonet was rebuilt around 1899

This pattern bayonet was standard issue with most of the Martini Henry rifles issued in Australia.

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Designed for the newly adopted Martini-Henry rifle, the Pattern 1876 bayonet was an improved and redesigned Pattern 1853 bayonet. The Pattern 1853 had been considered by many to be too short. As a result, the Pattern 1876 was lengthened by nearly five inches. The cross section was equiangular, rather than being wider on the top as was the Pattern 1853. As the Pattern 1876 was to be used with breechloading arms only, the outward curve was also omitted.