British 1907 (Wilkinson 1917) Bayonet

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This original bayonet was made by Wilkinson Sword Company in 1917. The bayonet shows ware and some minor pitting. The blade has been re-polished and the grips are in fair condition. This bayonet came out of India, where they saw a lot of work. The bayonet does not come with a scabbard and the pommel is marked DP and the point has been false edged. This was approved in both Australia and India during WWII

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Following complaints regarding the overall length of the S.M.L.E. rifle with Pattern 1903 bayonet fitted, a number of experimental bayonets were produced by R.S.A.F. Enfield with longer blades. These included bayonets with blades patterned on the French Lebel and Gras bayonets, the US Model 1905, and the Japanese Type 30 bayonets. Introduced in the 'List of Changes' in 1908, the Pattern 1907 bayonet was a close copy of the Japanese Type 30 bayonet.