Thai (Japanese Contract) Type 2483 Bayonet

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This Thai Type 2483 bayonet was made by Kanaashiyo Sakugan and appears to have seen little use.


This Thai Type 2483 bayonet was made by Kanaashiyo Sakugan. The blade is polished and is in excellent condition although it has very minor areas of staining. The quillion is the hooked type and is blued as is the pommel. Both guard and pommel have minor wear to the blue. The grips are wood and are secured by two screws. The scabbard is steel and is also in good condition.

In 1940 Thailand ordered a quantity of Type 30 rifles and bayonets from Japan, for issue to reserve line troops in its war with French Indochina in 1940/41. The bayonets from this order, known as the Type 2483, differed from earlier contract bayonets in that they retained the original Japanese manufacturers marks on the ricasso of the blade, and were serial numbered on the pommel.


Manufacturer Kanaashiyo Sakugan
Overall Length 510mm 20.08"
Blade Length 398mm 15.67"
Weight 0.49 Kg 1 lb 1 oz
Scabbard Steel
Fits Arisaka Rifles & Carbines
Authenticity Original