USA Model 1917 (Remington) Bayonet

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This bayonet is an original WWI bayonet and scabbard made for the US Model of 1917 rifle. The bayonet is made by Remingtonin in 1917 and the scabbard is the later pattern WWI scabbard for the M17 bayonet.

The bayonet and scabbard are in excellent condition with the original sand blasted finish blade. The handle and scabbard are also excellent condition. A very collectable WWI bayonet

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This pattern bayonet was originally designed for the P'13 British experimental rifle, and was adopted for the Pattern 14 rifle that was made in the U.S. for the British during WWI. On the U.S. joining the war in 1917, the US government purchased the design of the P'14 rifle, converted it to 30-06, and this rifle became known as the Model of 1917 (M17) U.S. rifle.,/p>

During the progression of these rifles, the bayonet stayed the same. The P'14 and the M17 bayonets were made by Remington and Winchester, except for a quantity of 1500 bayonets which were made be Vickers in the UK. The only difference with the bayonets were the markings

These bayonets and the rifles were used in both WWI and WWII. With the M17 bayonets in US service, the scabbards were changed.


Manufacturer Remington
Overall Length 555mm 21.85"
Blade Length 433mm 17.05"
Weight 0.52 Kg 1 lb 2 oz
Scabbard Leather (Integral Frog)
Fits Model 1917 Rifle
Authenticity Original