USSR Model 91/30 Bayonet

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These 91/30 Nagant rifle bayonets are original WWII manufacture, and are in excellent condition showing very little ware, and retain 96 % of the original blue

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Adopted in 1930 for use with the 91/30 rifle, this bayonet differed from the earlier M91 bayonet, by using a spring catch, rather than a locking ring to affix the bayonet to the rifle. Early examples of the 91/30 bayonet were forged and machined in one piece. High losses during the Second World War, however, forced GRAU field arsenal facilities to begin manufacturing bayonets to make up for shortages. Without access to forging equipment, and under pressure to make up the shortfalls, the field arsenals cast the collar of the bayonet and welded it to a machined spike. The end result was a considerably cruder-looking M30 bayonet.


Overall Length 520mm 19.75"
Blade Length 430mm 17"
Weight (Including Scabbard)
Scabbard None
Fits Mosin-Nagant Model 1891/30 Rifle