British No.32 Mk.I Scope (5832)

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This No.32 Mk.I scope was made by Kershaw Limited in the first production run of these scopes in 1941. Kershaw's serial number range was from 5800 to 7999. This is the 32nd scope made in this batch.

The scope is in excellent condition, retaining most of the original blueing on the tube and the paint on the brass turrets.

Optically the scope is 9.5 out of 10. The lens are clear and show no cracks or chips. Both turrets rotate, and the reticle responds. The original eye shade is in place and also retains most of the original finish.

This scope has not been touched in numerous decades, and would benefit with a good clean.


There was a desperate shortage of sniper's rifles at the outbreak of the Second World War. Development of a No.4 sniper's rifle was undertaken in 1940 with trials rifles, before production of the No.4 rifle had begun. The rifle was fitted with the No.32 scope, originally designed for use with the Bren LMG, a removeable mount being used due to the weight of the scope. Officially adopted in 1942, the No.4 sniper's rifle had already been in use for some time.