Canadian REL No.32 Mk.II Scope (575-C)

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This scope is a rare, Canadian REL built scope. This Mk.II scope is complete. Lens clarity is 9/10. The reticle is intact. The turrets rotate freely, and the reticle responds in both windage and elevation. The lenses show no chips or cracks. The steel tube is in very good condition. This scope was made in 1944.

The Mk II scope was made in very limited numbers and is nearly impossible to find as a separate unit. The scope retains most of the original factory finish with only minor rust staining and some minor pitting where the lens covers sat. It appears that it has never been disassembled, and would benefit from a good clean.


There was a desperate shortage of sniper's rifles at the outbreak of the Second World War. Development of a No.4 sniper's rifle was undertaken in 1940 with trials rifles, before production of the No.4 rifle had begun. The rifle was fitted with the No.32 scope, originally designed for use with the Bren LMG, a removeable mount being used due to the weight of the scope. Officially adopted in 1942, the No.4 sniper's rifle had already been in use for some time.


Research Enterprises Ltd of Ontario produced an extremely limited number of No.32 telecopic sights during the Second World War, including the Mk.I, Mk.IA, Mk.II, and Mk.III versions. Only 1,524 scopes (including the C No.32 Mk.IV/C.No.67 and No.32 TP) are recorded as having been produced and purchased by R.E.L. and DND respectively.