Siamese Type 51 Bayonet

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This Type 51 Thai bayonet is still in its original configuration. Although well used, and now over 100 years old. The blade still shows some of its original polish, and the handle is original to the bayonet. The scabbard is also original with the Mauser style frog lug. The general condition is good with some light pitting and general discolouration to the blade handle and scabbard.

This is an uncommon bayonet in any condition

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The Japanese supplied unique bayonets for the Model 1908 Arisaka rifles supplied to Siam. These followed the general shape of the Japanese Type 30 bayonet, but were, at 11¾ inches (296mm), shorter, and had a centered point. The scabbards had a Mauser-style frog attachment. Examples of this bayonet retaining their original polished metal finish have the serial number in Siamese numerals across the pommel. An inspection mark is centered below the serial number. Early bayonets have grips identical to those of the Type 30 bayonet, with oval washers and screws. Many of these bayonets saw hard service and grips were later replaced and fasteners changed to a different pattern of round headed screws and nuts.