French Model 1866 (Chassepot) Bayonet

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This bayonet and scabbard are in excellent condition. Made by the Chatellerault Arsenal In July 1871, the blade has 90% of its original polish. The guard and handle has some light staining. The scabbard, is not matching in serial number to the bayonet, but has 90% of its original blue with only light ware.


The Model 1866 (Chassepot) bayonet, was the fifth model in the yataghan series of bayonets. Lighter than the original 1840 bayonet, the first of the yataghan series, the Model 1866 has the same brass hilt and double curved yataghan blade. Manufactured from 1866 until some time after the introduction of the 1874 Gras, the blade remained in service until around 1900 in ceremonial usage. The Chassepot was produced from the 2nd Empire period, continued through the Franco-Prussian War Defense Nationale government, and on into the 3rd Republic. In addition the blade was manufactured by several foreign suppliers during the Franco-Prussian war, including German manufacturers. An unconfirmed story states that the Kaiser replied, after being asked if it was acceptable to supply France with bayonets during the Franco-Prussian war, that it was perfectly acceptable, as they would be getting them back soon enough anyway.


Overall Length 699mm 27.5"
Blade Length 578mm 22.75"
Weight (Including Scabbard)
Scabbard Steel
Fits Model 1866 (Chassepot) Rifle