British Pattern 1895 Bayonet

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This Pattern 1895 is in very good condition. The blade has some spots of staining, but shows much of its original polish. The socket still has most of its original blue and the markings of conversion from the P'1876 to P'1895 are clear on the blade and have not been polished over. The scabbard is in good condition, but the leather shows its age, and some of the stitching on the back of the scabbard ,like many of these bayonets, has broken.


Approved in 1895, the Pattern 1895 bayonet was a conversion of the earlier Pattern 1876 bayonet designed for the Martini-Henry. The conversion was made by cutting down and then bushing the socket. The socket was then bored and slotted and fitted with a new locking grip stop and screw.


Manufacturer Lithgow
Overall Length 637mm 25.08"
Blade Length 548mm 21.57"
Weight 0.65 Kg 1 lb 7 oz
Scabbard Leather (Brass Fittings)
Fits Martini-Enfield Rifle
Authenticity Original