Canadian P' 37 Mk.III Basic Pouch

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These pouches are of the Mk.III design and are made by Canadian manufacturer Zephyr Loom and Textile. Held in store for many years they are in unissued condition.

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The basic pouch was a larger version of a magazine pouch designed by Mills in the 1930s for the Vickers Berthier LMG. The pouches are of stitched construction being mostly of double layer material, triple at the lower part. A four bar buckle of Mills patent is held by a piece of webbing at the top rear of the pouch to which the braces attach. Halfway down the pouch at the rear webbing is used to attach a pair of hooks to the pouch. The waist belt passing through these hooks.

When WE37 was adopted problems with the basic pouches soon emerged. While sitting the basic pouches were forced into the thighs causing some discomfort. As a result the hooks were moved 1 inch lower on the pouches raising them on the belt. This modification resulted in the Mk.II pouches.

When introduced, it was found that the magazines of the Sten Gun did not fit the Mk.II pouch. The Mk.III pouch was introduced to remedy this problem, the pouches being 1/2 inch longer than the Mk.II.